Matt Little
Matt Little
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Current projects

Reviews at Comic Book Resources (Digital)

I write about comic books every week for the biggest comics news site on the Internet, Comic Book Resources. You can check out an archive of my work here.

Science! Exclamation Point (Improv)

Each month my improv group Thank You, Robot invites the city's brightest scientists and professors to deliver short presentations in their field, which then serve as inspiration for a show completely made up on the spot.

Monthly at Under St. Marks. Next show in Calendar.

UCBW (Comedy Wrestling)

As Wall $treet I terrorize the UCBW arena, punishing the crowds of lazy, out of shape, millennial thinkpiece bloggers for cheering on their favorite comedy wrestlers. Sometimes I'll pull a wild stunt like running up the wall or doing a backflip. Right now I am the co-tag team champion with my partners Transit Cop and Buffalo Elmo, aka the Kings of New York. Wrestling is awesome.

Weekly at UCB Chelsea. Appearances are in Calendar.

New Bits (Solo Performances)

Working on a new project so I'll be doing more live shows around town. Find out where in, you guessed it, Calendar.


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About Me

I'm Matt little

I grew up in Beaver Falls, a small town outside Pittsburgh, PA. I went to Penn State University then moved to New York City. I love it here. Writing and performing are hard jobs in this town but even when exhausted I am fortunate that I live where I do. I create for a living. Isn't that neat?