Content Writing

I have been writing sponsored content, headlines, and original content for several years. Here's some recent clips.

White Famous on Showtime: Choose Your Own Adventure (interactive quiz w/multiple endings)

Can You Match These Comedians To Their Stand-Up Bombs? (interactive quiz)

The 13 Ways Lee Was A Snek on Last Night's 'The Bachelorette' (show recap)

The 14 Times Mercy Was Not Shown at WWE No Mercy (event recap)

Kellyanne Conway Lists the 13 Biggest Accomplishments of the Trump Administration (So Far) (original content)

Too Many Things We're Excited To See At HBO's 'Night of Too Many Stars' (original content)

The Funniest Replies To Donald Trump Tweets of All Time This Week (headline writing, content aggregation)

Twitter Roundup: The Funniest Tweets About #MayweatherVMcGregor (headline writing, content aggregation)